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Privacy Policy

By opting into our Automatic Renewal service, you agree to allow Sun Septic to release your upcoming order and invoice your credit card on file one (1) year from the initial date of purchase; this includes multiple year contract information. By opting into our service, you are also acknowledging that you are aware of your deadline date. Any circumstances that cause you to make changes to your account prior to the deadline rests solely on the client/individual. Sun Septic is not responsible for any incident that caused the renewal purchase to not change their account prior to the deadline. Sun Septic agrees to not release your upcoming order, credit card details and invoice prior to the deadline provided without express consent from the customer.

You also agree that to cancel your upcoming order you must formally opt out of the Automatic Renewal service prior to the aforementioned order deadline. You can do this at no charge by phone or email. By opting out of our Automatic Renewal service you will also lose any additional benefits associated with the program including but not limited to special discounts, promotions and correspondence. Any changes to your account made after the deadline of the current year will not go into effect until the following year.


*Example: January 1, 2023 start deadline is December 31, 2023


By checking the digital box during your purchase for autorenewal you acknowledge that you are aware of these terms associated with our Automatic Renewal program.


Please contact us with any questions directly at 844-908-7362.

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