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Think about what you put down your sink!

We dump so many things down our kitchen sink each week and wreak havoc on our septic systems. You should never put coffee grounds, eggshells, medication, flour, etc. It can easily clog pipes and block screens.

Also, do not discard various types of cooking oil or paint, cooking grease or fat down the sink because it will also clog your drain. Even dairy products like milk, cream and butter are bad for your drain. It’s difficult for them to break down in a septic tank because the lack of oxygen that is available.

When you use a garbage disposal as a septic tank, the ground-up food particles add to the layer of solids deposited at the bottom of your tank. That is why homeowners need to be extra vigilant with placing only biodegradable food down a garbage disposal.

Don’t treat your toilet like a trash can!

Likewise, the only thing that should be flushed down a toilet that doesn’t come from your body is toilet paper. No tissues, diapers, feminine products, hair, etc. Toilet paper is designed to break down in a septic tank. Any other items are not; they’ll clog and damage

your septic system. Each brand should state that it’s septic system safe. Don’t use luxury brands with lotions that could clog your septic system.

Monthly protection is what you need!

Assure your system is running properly with Sun Septic Products. A monthly additive that will help breakdown these unwanted items and assure your septic is running properly. Call us today to find a protection plan that works for you – 877-224-5839.

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