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Can bad bacteria cause a septic tank system to fail?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The everyday waste, from paper to oil and grease, that you place into your septic system is typically broken down naturally by bacteria found in your septic tank. When some common household chemicals like antibacterial soaps and bleach are overused, they will kill off these beneficial bacteria that populates your septic tank. Additionally, excessive amounts of water going down the drain will flush out a large portion of the beneficial bacteria growing in your septic tank. In such a weakened system, the sewage can build up more quickly, eventually blocking the outlet pipe or possibly clogging your drain field and create an emergency pumping situation of your drain field or even the need for a replacement system.

You can easily tell when you have a problem with a backup by smelling it both inside and outside your home. Your yard can become wet and oversaturated. Wastewater can also backup into your home and come up inside your bathroom, kitchen sink or even your laundry area.

To prevent this from happening maintaining your septic tank can be done with monthly treatment with SunSeptic Products. We also recommend having your system inspected and pumped regularly. You should also monitor what you pour down drains and make sure they are all working normally without any wastewater entering into the house.

Consider our subscription based product to offer full support and prevent pricey replacements in home repairs. Call us directly at 1-877-224-5839 or click below to email us.

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