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A Failing Septic Systems Can Be Hazardous to your Health

The safe disposal of sewage prevents the spread of disease. A properly maintained and operating septic system will effectively remove disease-causing bacteria. Sun Septic Products can help you maintain your septic system by removing the disease-causing bacteria and optimizing both your plumbing and septic systems.

Currently over one trillion gallons of waste per year is disposed below ground into homeowners with septic systems in the USA. If your septic is failing, you could end up with more than just a huge mess in and around your home. You can also put the health of yourself, your family and your community at risk if you don’t have your septic system properly serviced, maintained and repaired, if needed.

Inadequately treated sewage from failing septic systems can pose problems to your drinking water and human health concerns for both diseases and infections that could be transferred to people and animals direct or immediate contact with the area. Dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, and acute gastrointestinal illness are some of the more serious examples. Broken sewage and failing septic systems are the most frequent cause of groundwater contamination.

The fumes of a septic tank can also carry airborne bacteria as well as cause sinus infections and other types of respiratory problems. A failing septic system can also send mold spores back into your home, causing problems for those with asthma and mold allergies. If left untreated, these spores can lead to the growth of dangerous mold in parts of your home that are prone to moisture buildup in areas like a basement or bathroom. Mold removal is expensive and difficult so, caring for your septic year-round has never been so important.


· Use monthly, Sun Septic Products to help you clean and provide positive bacteria that breaks down waste, grease and solids

· Maintain your septic and be mindful of regularly scheduled pumps

· Be sure flow of water in your leach field is going away from your home

· Replace your septic system, if needed

If you are a new homeowner or one with an older system, reach out to learn more about Sun Septic Products and how they can help maintain and preserve your septic system and home plumbing systems with a simple monthly flush. Call us directly at 877-224-5839.

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